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Why Media Training ?

20 Years APPELHAGEN MEDIAWe prepare you specifically for your next media appearance. We give you the security you need when dealing with journalists and media representatives. We train you for interviews that are not just sweet and nice. We prepare you for a crisis so that you can communicate clearly with a cool head when it comes to it. You shouldn't experiment when choosing the right media trainer: Our trainers are experienced journalists who have all worked as moderators themselves. You will receive first-hand tips and information that you can immediately apply yourself! Together we will develop a deeper understanding of how the media works. You will be provided with guidelines and checklists. Intensive work with the camera and individual feedback will give you great confidence for your next media appearance.

Important fact: You don't have to tell everything

What matters is how you say what is important to you. You learn to formulate messages clearly, understandably and credibly. Even in stressful situations. You can actively prepare and help shape interviews and thereby represent your own goals much better. And that's exactly what we're preparing you for.

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