Media Training 5
"Individual coaching / in-house training"


Media Training 5:
"Individual coaching / in-house training"

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Of course, you can also work on all seminar topics in individual coaching. The advantages are clear: you work more intensively on your specific topics. Your coach will adapt to you personally. Absolutely the highest level of discretion is guaranteed. The coaching takes place when and where you want it. Individual coaching makes it possible to delve deeper into specific topics than possibly in a group.

There are often several communicators in companies who work on the same topics - this is where joint training often makes sense in which wording is developed and a uniform external appearance is developed. Of course, we also come to your company and develop your very individual seminar program - with training units from all four seminars if desired.

We recommend an annual checkup - to refresh techniques, deal with current topics and gain greater confidence in dealing with topics and the media.

Content and Methods:

See Media Training 1, 2, 3 and 4



Don't leave your success to chance. We prepare you individually and precisely. Here’s to her next interview, red carpet or talk show appearance. Treat yourself to two hours of virtual coaching to be as prepared as possible. Of course, we will also come to you if you wish!


Media Training 5: "Individual coaching / in-house training"

Appointments by arrangement - bookable from double lesson.

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