Virtual Communication 2
"Moderate and Design Webinars" (2 Days)


Virtual Communication 2:
"Moderate and Design Webinars" (2 Days)

Short Description:

In this training you will learn everything about how to structure and design your webinars so that your participants get the greatest possible benefit from them. From planning to implementation: perfect preparation, the different phases of a webinar, working with activation tools and visualizations, expert interviews, anchoring knowledge sustainably.

As a moderator of a webinar, do you want to come across as authentic and convincing? Would you like to speak freely and still keep everything under control? We train this with recordings in front of the camera.

And you get insider tips for great picture and sound quality using simple means. In a protected space, we test different formats and clarify all questions that arise for the host of a webinar.


  • You feel right at home in your online seminar room and have set yourself up professionally.
  • You have a clear idea of the design, planning and implementation of your online seminar.
  • You know the basics of image design, use of light and sound.
  • You have a clear idea of the process and goals of your online training.
  • You have trained and tried out interaction with the audience.
  • You know how to animate and activate people.
  • Dealing with small breakdowns is child's play for you.
  • You feel confident in front of the camera and come across as authentic, likeable and competent.

Content and Methods:

  • How to set up your online meeting room
  • How to use body language and eye contact skillfully
  • How to plan targeted training
  • How to best involve and activate your participants
  • How to confidently deal with small breakdowns
  • How you can sustainably anchor the knowledge you have learned in your participants
  • How to give your online webinar a good ending
  • Video recordings
  • Individual feedback

Dates, locations, fees:

Virtual Communication 2: "Moderate and design webinars – professionally design and lead online training courses" (2 Days)

29.04. - 30.04.2024 Online
(2 days)
1370,00 € excl. 19% VAT

29.11. - 30.11.2024 Online
(2 days)
1370,00 € excl. 19% VAT


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