Virtual Communication 3
"My virtual ME"


Virtual Communication 3:
"My virtual ME"

Short workshop: "My virtual ME":

How to present yourself most advantageously online and in meetings - with tangible and inexpensive tips on how to come across simply great in virtual interviews, pitches and customer discussions. Technical tricks and basics of imagery, lighting, sound. Inspiration for branding and staging of the appearance.

This short workshop invites you to develop ideas for your personal virtual business card. That suits you and your company.

Take advantage of the opportunity to optimize your "Virtual ME" and present yourself and your company creatively and professionally! Technically, but also visually. This way you can make a lasting – positive – impression in online meetings.


  • You know how to present yourself presently and professionally using simple and inexpensive tools.
  • You get ideas on how to present your company and yourself creatively and in a high-quality way.

Content and Methods:

  • How to design your online presence
  • How to present yourself and your products in the best possible way
  • What you need to consider when using images and sound
  • Which simple technical aids are useful
  • You know the most important rules of visual language
  • Learn from others: How others "present themselves" on the internet
  • Inspiration and discussion in the breakout room

Dates, locations, fees:

Virtual Communication 3: "My virtual ME - How to present yourself and your company professionally in virtual meetings and conferences"

06.05.2024 Online
(2 hours)
290,00 € excl. 19% VAT

21.10.2024 Online
(2 hours)
290,00 € excl. 19% VAT


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