Effective Rhetoric 3
"Power-Kommunikation für Business-Ladies"


Effective Rhetoric 3:
"Power communication for business ladies: Clear announcements with a smile on your face"

Short Description:

Women and their communicative strengths are needed in leadership positions more than ever. This seminar clears up the clichés and role models in our heads. You will learn how to deal with dominance gestures from others. But you also recognize your own behavioral patterns and examine them. You will be given effective tools that will help you assert yourself in your everyday professional and private life and still remain cooperative and friendly.

Clear statements with a smile on your face. The 8-point plan for effective communication makes you fit, even for difficult situations. You will learn conversation techniques and find out how you can use the power of body language specifically for your benefit. Come to our training camp and find out how much fun it is to try things out and discover your own power.


  • You can assert yourself confidently and communicate your concerns in a targeted manner.
  • You recognize dominance behavior and are able to deal with it confidently.
  • You decode the body language of others and use your body language consciously.
  • You deal with attacks and difficult situations calmly.
  • You are aware of your communicative strengths and weaknesses.
  • You can get people excited about your cause and get them to take action.

Content and Methods:

  • Recognize and understand the clichés in people's heads - including our own
  • The current state of science: Women communicate differently than men
  • The strengths of female communication
  • The 8-point plan for confident communication
  • Instant tools to take with you, try out and use straight away

Dates, locations, fees:

Effective Rhetoric 3: "Power communication for business ladies: Clear announcements with a smile on your face"

18.03.2024 Munich785,00 € excl. 19% VAT

15.07.2024 Munich785,00 € excl. 19% VAT


Registration via E-Mail: info@appelhagen-media.de

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